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About Kerrie Campbell | Live Your Sensational Life | Transformational Coach

Since then, I have transformed my own life by applying some key practices, moving from being exhausted, stressed and full of self-doubt to living my purpose, making the right decisions with confidence, excited for the future, achieving my goals, and all with more energy to spend quality time with my family. 


If I can do it I know you can too, and I can't wait to see your incredible success story take place.   

I am an entrepreneur and a wife and a mother of two children.   I have 25 years of corporate experience as a global human resources executive and leader with a deep passion for helping people. 

I launched Live Your Sensational Life because I have struggled over the years juggling two children and a demanding career.  Throughout my journey, I hit burnout multiple times, battled prolonged stress and exhaustion, and found myself just going through the motions in order to get by. 


Deep down, I knew this was no way to live, feeling like I was wasting my life and my potential of showing up for the world and being of real service to others. 

Knowing the only thing stopping me from achieving the life I really wanted was myself, I made a decision to focus on my inner work and mindset shifts in order to change my life.  I also discovered Human Design, which taught me how I am uniquely designed to thrive in this life so I can step into fulfilling my highest potential.

~ Kerrie


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