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7-Day Success Blueprint Digital Bundle

For Unstoppable Success

Create unstoppable success by getting very clear on your intentions and outcome each day of each week.  

This bundle will help you not only prepare for your week ahead, but intentionally script it, remove any blocks that might be standing in your way and keep you inspired, motivated and on track to achieve your greatest desires.  

  • 7-day fillable digital planner with prompts

  • 2 Audios to keep you inspired and on track

  • 12 motivational phone screen backgrounds

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All materials are Copyright © to Kerrie Campbell and Live Your Sensational Life. 

Background Music: Hypnotic TranceScapes Volume I - Mystical Forest,, © 2003 Michael Stevenson and Transform Destiny. All rights reserved.

Background music for Meditation is Copyright © to Dr. Steve G Jones.  


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Kerrie Campbell

I am passionate about helping career-driven women navigate the dynamics of the corporate and business worlds, while learning how to be authentic to themselves and use their voice.  I want them to feel empowered to be in the driver’s seat of their career and life, so they can discover and live their purpose and have the impact they truly desire.

I spent over 25 years in human resources and executive leadership roles within large global companies and have a deep passion for helping people. 

Using my own proven framework and a unique blend of tools and modalities, my clients learn who they are underneath all of the expectations and responsibilities they’ve taken on.  I have a heart-centered approach which allows my clients to feel deeply understood, accepted, and heard and gives them a safe space to shed the layers of expectations.  They learn to tune into their own inner wisdom and unapologetically step into their own authenticity and power to create a sustainable transformation in their life and career. 

Once they learn to operate from their zone of genius and truth, they show up more confidently and powerfully, allowing their real personality and talents to shine through, creating a more fulfilling, abundance and prosperous life.

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