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Crystal Salt

Human Design & Gene Keys Unpacks and Business Readings

Do you feel like it's time to finally learn who YOU truly are?

Would you love to know your superpowers, your gifts and what your purpose is?

Do you wish you had a roadmap for how to make your career or business work best for you?

Are you ready to move from surviving to thriving and live the life you were actually born to live?

Human Design gives you permission to start living life in a way that feels most natural to you. One where your success, both personally and professionally, actually comes from leaning into being yourself, rather than what you think you ‘should be’ because that’s what we’ve always been told.



...being able to flow through life with more ease and abundance, and less resistance and struggle.

...being able to have permission to live as your most authentic self, following what comes naturally to you.

... being able to create your best life, where you feel on purpose, fulfilled and excited every single day.

Human Design is a unique blueprint to how you are energetically and genetically designed to engage with the world and how your unique inner guidance is designed to operate. It is intended to make you aware of how your energetic body works and how you can navigate the world as your authentic self. Human Design provides you with the tools you need to live an aware and engaged life that flows with more ease and follow your life purpose to live in complete alignment.

This Human Design reading is a deep dive into getting to know you at your very core and gives you practical strategies on how to decondition, heal and live as your most natural and best self.

Click here to book your Human Design Unpack:

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After the session you will receive a copy of the recording and a 60+ page blueprint covering all aspects of your human design chart.

Business Reading

Do you have a business idea or recently started a business and looking for direction or guidance on how to make it work best for you?

Would you like to confirm what it is that will light you up and what your energy is here for?

Are you ready to toss out the rule book and get amazing results by creating a prosperous business YOUR way?

It's time to stop listening to the authorities' outside of yourself on the best way to build your business and to start listening to your own internal authority.  Every person is wired differently for a reason, so what works for one, may not work for another.  

The best way to success is to lean into your most natural gifts and ways of doing things.  But sometimes, with all of the noise in the external world, it's hard for us to know what that is.  We often have a deep knowingness inside of us, but we let logic override this.

This is why understanding your Human Design and Gene Keys is so powerful.  You can create a highly successful business that truly works best for you.  A business that gets to feel easy and good.  A business that allows you to fulfill your purpose, so you can wake up feeling excited and passionate about what you do, EVERY day.


If you agree it's time to toss out the rule book and get amazing results by creating a prosperous business YOUR way, book your Business Reading here:



Purchase the 60+ page PDF Blueprint on your specific Human Design

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