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Human Design Blueprint - Digital PDF

**Please note - this is a PDF document that will be emailed to you within 5 days.


Human Design is a system that helps you understand how you can navigate the world as your most authentic self and provides you with a way to live with more purpose, flow and ease in your life.  It allows you to see where you might have been 'conditioned' by others and the world around you and what you need to overcome, heal or decondition to operate in the highest expression of your potential.  


This blueprint provides you with a comprehensive guide to how you are uniquely designed to engage with others, make decisions, communicate, how you view life, your purpose (who you are here to be), your key traits and talents, your conditioning and fears, the energy you pick up from others, the energy you put out into the world, the best way for you digest food, life, the type of environment that is most conducive for you, the way you learn and what you are motivated by.

If you know Human Design terminology, this guide covers the following:
Incarnation Cross
Primary Health System


Once you order this guide, it will be emailed to you within 5-days. Please be patient, it is a highly customized guide specifically for the person it's created for.  The information needed to produce the blueprint is: Birthdate (month, day, year), Birth Location and Time of Birth.  If the time is unknown, please indicate the closest possible time and leave a note that it is not exact.  If you have questions or aren't sure of the time at all, email

Human Design Blueprint - Digital PDF

  • This product is non-refundable

  • Please include the following details for the Blueprint

    Full Name

    Birth Date, Location & Time 

    If you do not have the specific time, please estimate the closest possible time (the more accurate the better).  If you are completely unsure, please email to let us know.

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