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Unleash Your Focus

Master the Power of Presence for Success

Coming into the busiest time of the year, do you feel like time is speeding up? Like you have too much to do, but just not enough time to get it all done?
Are you struggling to be present and in the moment focusing on what is right in front of you because your mind is racing with the other thousand things you have on your plate?
Do you wish you could be present with your family and truly enjoy the holiday season instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed with everything coming at you?
Would you like to be planning to elevate your life for next year, but you can barely focus on the next few days and weeks, let alone next year?

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Are you ready to shift your current state from busy, stressed and distracted to focused and present now, while preparing for expansive growth in the year ahead?

This 2-week program will help you:

De-stress, focus and be present at the busiest time of the year.

Collapse time and get more done in less time.

Be truly present with the people around you and with yourself.

Elevate your frequency to attract aligned opportunities and connections.

Upgrade your capacity to step into even bigger goals next year.

Operate from a place of feeling calm and regulated instead of reactive and stressed.


Master Presence

Cultivate the ability to be fully in the moment, enhancing decision-making and leadership effectiveness in the workplace, and at home.


Strengthen Focus

Sharpen your focus, leading to increased productivity and clarity.


Reduce Stress

Significantly reduce stress and overwhelm, allowing for a calmer and more enjoyable end-of-year experience. 


Increase Energy

Align with what truly energizes and fulfills you, releasing negative beliefs and energy.


Become Magnetic

Elevate your frequency to attract opportunities and relationships that align with your unique leadership journey.

How we will get there...

What to expect...

Key Learnings

Each week we'll explore specific themes, building upon the last to create a comprehensive understanding of focus, presence, energy, mindset and energetics

Practical Tools and Practices

We will be using a mix of mindset work, breathwork, meditation, visualization and tapping into energetics.  These are all very gentle practices and can easily be applied, even if you have never done them before or have struggled with them in the past

Personal Growth & Community

You will not only experience a personal transformation to step into your highest potential, but you'll be joining like-minded leaders, tapping into the group energy of support and connection for even greater growth

Are you wondering how much time this will really take?   
Outside of the live calls, the implementation of the practices should
take you no more than 30 minutes a day (and not all at once). 
There will be audios guiding some of the practices, so you will be fully
supported throughout this process.
This is what being able to collapse time, focus and be present allows you to achieve.

Although this will be the first time I am running this program in its entirety (the reason I am making the program so accessible), both myself and my clients have had great success using these individual techniques and practices. They have enabled me to achieve more in less time, allowing me to be fully present with my children (which is something I struggled for years prior to mastering these techniques), and finally feel emotionally regulated, being able to navigate life's ups and downs from a place of inner calm and responding instead of reacting.

 As we wrap up another year, don't just survive the rush - step into self-mastery! 

With 'Unleash Your Focus - Master the Po
wer of Presence for Success'
you are not just signing up for another program, but you are stepping into a new chapter of leadership and 

If you are ready to transform, register below and step into 2024 with unparalleled focus, presence and expansion!

Hi, I'm Kerrie

I am on a mission to empower results-oriented and driven women to take back control over their career and life by stepping into who they were born to be!  I know we all have so much more potential and are here to have a big impact on the world and we spend too much time keeping ourselves small.  I spent 25 years working my way up the corporate ladder.  Although I created a successful life from the outside, I found myself constantly stressed, feeling burnt out, had ongoing health challenges and I eventually started wondering why I was living my life this way. 


That is when I realized, I could actually choose to create a life I loved instead.  After embarking on my own transformational journey and discovering the power of combining strategy, mindset, capacity and energetics, I was then able to help other women achieve the same amazing results.  I now know that you can create success your way and without the sacrifice!  I am confident that I can help you unlock your full potential and create a life that aligns with your soul's purpose.

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