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It's time for you to find your purpose and the roadmap to get there.

A 3-week virtual program
to making confident decisions and living a magnetic life

Do any of these sound familiar?

You are...

  • following the same old patterns in your life and it feels as though you are going nowhere.

  • often stuck in confusion or in-decision about where you are heading, and your mind is in an endless loop trying to figure out the answer.

  • feeling burned out, exhausted or overwhelmed from working so much, but you just don't know how to change it.

You have...

  • made a decision about something but deep down you just knew it was the wrong decision.

  • found yourself re-thinking or second guessing decisions after they are made.

  • lost your connection with your biggest dreams that you once had.

  • never known what your life's purpose really is, leaving you feeling like you don’t know the right direction to go.

I've been there.

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Kerrie Campbell,
Live Your Sensational Life

I seemed to have a happy life on the outside: my career was progressing and my kids were growing, but I felt as though I was just living my life to get by each day, rather than truly taking control of creating the life I really wanted. Where it all changed for me was when I started listening to my intuition. Once I learned how to access it, it was constantly there guiding me on all things, big or small.

Developing Your Intuition

A 3-week virtual program
to making confident decisions and living a magnetic life

If you could completely unlock your intuition, what could that do for you?

Imagine if you could...

  • have more confidence in your decisions

  • have consistent access to creativity and inspiration

  • relax, feeling more in tune with what is happening around you in the present moment

  • trust in the feeling that the right path is naturally unfolding for you

  • feel like your life is magnetic and you are aligning yourself with true north and your purpose

About the Program

This 3-week virtual program

begins January 30, 2022.

1-hour group coaching calls take place at 6:30 PM ET on February 8, 15, 22 & 24.

Video modules are released via email the week prior to the group coaching call.

Topics include:

  • identifying and developing your Clair-senses

  • identifying your Human Design Type, Strategy & Authority

  • using your Intuition with your Authority to make decisions

  • how to do Intuitive readings for other people





  • Your most innate way for you to hear your intuition 

  • How to make your natural intuitive gifts even stronger

  • How to connect with your Higher Self to receive regular guidance

  • The secret to staying in tune with the energy around you to keep the intuitive messages flowing in 




  • A system that gives you a road map of how you are uniquely designed to engage with the rest of the world and how to be your most authentic self (Human Design)

  • The way you should be making decisions, from small everyday decisions to life-changing ones to get the best outcomes

  • How your energy naturally flows

  • How you create the best opportunities for yourself




  • How to develop additional intuitive abilities

  • How to combine your unique decision-making style with your intuition to make the best decisions

  • How to trust in the messages you are receiving

Plus, receive 2 bonus modules.

Three Group Coaching Sessions

Each week...

  • Come with your questions and receive coaching. 

  • Share your experiences and progress.

  • Connection with community for support


  • Use your Human Design chart to find out where you might be picking up energy from other people.

  • Discover how you might be influenced and conditioned by others.

  • Practices to start getting back to living as your most authentic self.


  • Use your intuitive gifts to tune into the energy around you.

  • How to do an intuitive reading for other people.

Your intuition led you here for a reason.

What You Get:

3-week Develop Your Intuition Program

3 modules

3 group coaching sessions

Bonus session #1

Bonus session #2

     Value $747

Value $597

Value $199

Value $199

Total Value  $1,742

Your investment is only $147 when you register by January 28.

Use code 'EARLYBIRD'


Regular Price $199

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Kerrie introduced me to Human Design, which helped me see who I am here to be instead of the person others have always expected me to be, or that I felt I was conditioned to be. I felt a deeper sense of self-awareness to make conscious and more positive decisions and choices than I have in the past. I am already feeling a sense of relief knowing I am making positive changes to live a more aligned life. Kerrie really set a safe space that has allowed me to explore areas I wanted to open the door on, but knew it had to be with the right person. I look forward to continuing to work with her on these areas of my life.

Hannah H.

Ready to unlock your greatest gift?

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