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How To Use Your Intuition To Get Through The Holidays

This time of the year is usually referred to as joyful, but most of us know it can actually be pretty stressful instead.

Perhaps you have a flood of invitations for holiday events and FOMO has you accepting them all. Or maybe it is long days full of meetings for the next few weeks as you wind up your work for the year. Or possibly you have a shopping list as long as your arm for gifts, decorations, and food.

Whatever it is, ask yourself: is this is going to help me start the new year feeling refreshed and excited? Or will it tire me out and drain me of my energy?

If it’s the latter, then it might be time to follow your intuition. Reassess your next few weeks ahead so you can free up your time, slow down, and actually feel the joy of this holiday season.

It’s easy to think you can't really control how busy you are at this time of year, but you actually do hold the power. We often end up in this situation because we aren't thinking much about it, and just doing what we think we “should” do. However, when you start making conscious choices around where you invest your time and intuitively feel into where your energy is best spent, you will find that things automatically start flowing better in your life, leaving room for even greater things to show up.

If you really don't know which invitations or meetings to decline or which stores you need to visit to find that special gift for the one person who already has everything, then follow these simple steps below.

  1. Sit down in a quiet place and take a few deep breaths to tune in and bring yourself to the present moment. Think about a time when you just got something you really, REALLY wanted (a job, a car, a house, perhaps you won something exciting, etc.) Let that feeling come to you, like it’s happening right now. Say “YES” aloud, loudly and emphatically if you can. Pinpoint where you feel that the most in your body (a big expansive feeling in your chest, butterflies in your stomach, etc.) See if you can also associate a sound with it. Hold that feeling for a few moments and let a big smile come to you. Just be with the sensation, hearing the sound if you had one. This is your YES feeling.

  2. Using the same process, it’s time to find your “no.” Think of a time that you really didn’t want to do something, or a time when you had an instant reaction to someone where you said no (like when your child tries to touch something hot). Where do you feel that in your body? Does your stomach or chest contract? Do your temples start throbbing? What is the sensation you feel, and if you can think of a sound to go with it, what would it be? This is your NO feeling.

These both become your point of reference when your mind tries to take over. Take a look at the list of holiday events you’ve been invited to. As you look at each one of them, let that feeling and sound come to you without letting your mind get in the way. Don’t try to justify a choice in your mind. If you get a no, don’t overthink it; honor it as much as possible and politely decline the invitation. Perhaps it’s a no because you need to conserve your energy for something else, or because you might not end up feeling very social that day and just need a break, or maybe it’s because something unpleasant will happen. For whatever reason, your intuition is telling you no, so trust that it is for a good reason.

Is this is going to help me start the new year feeling refreshed and excited? Or will it tire me out and drain me of my energy?

You can do this with your meetings if you have quite a busy schedule. Take a look at your calendar and start with any meetings you’ve been invited to that are meant to serve someone else. Use the same method above and ask yourself if you really need to attend. If you get your ‘no’ feeling, then assess whether you can send a delegate, decline it, or move it into next year if you really need to. Aim to free up your calendar as much as possible.

If you still have things on your list that you couldn’t order online or aren’t quite sure yet what to buy, narrow your shopping down to as few stores as possible and use the process to feel into whether it will be worth your time to visit each one. Can you narrow down your list even more using this method?

The overall intent here is to not only free up your time, but more so, your energy. It's difficult to go into the holiday season already stressed, tired, and overworked from the previous eleven months of the year. Give yourself a break, recoup your energy, and start off the new year strong, feeling refreshed and excited for what is possible.

If you want to develop your intuition even further, don’t forget to register for my “Develop Your Intuition and Inner Guidance” free masterclass on December 14 at 6 PM US EST / December 15 10 PM AEDT.

Even if you can’t attend in person, if you are registered, you will receive a recording that will help you develop a closer connection to your intuition.

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