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Your Own Worst Enemy Program

Stop Self-Sabotaging Behaviors Now.


Often in life, we end up being our own worst enemies. Whether we procrastinate too much, engage in negative self-talk, or don't take care of ourselves – we make achieving our goals monumentally difficult.  The world is complicated enough without us making things harder on ourselves.


This E-book and Workbook will allow you to identify your self-defeating behaviors and give you information and exercises to work through and overcome them.  


It covers a wide variety of different behaviors such as:


    • Procrastination
    • Perfectionism
    • People Pleasing
    • Stubbornness
    • Refusing to Ask for Help
    • Negative Self-Talk
    • Avoiding Risk
    • Avoiding Confrontation
    • Unable to Disconnect from Work
    • Refusing to learn from mistakes


If any of the above resonates with you, grab this program now. 

Your Own Worst Enemy Program

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