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Are you a high achieving female leader that has been feeling stuck or frustrated, but you are now ready to take control of your career and build a life you love? 

Imagine how you would feel if...

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But right now you feel like you have no balance in your life...

You know you are a high achiever with a desire to have a meaningful impact, but you find yourself drawn in so many directions.  This leaves you feeling stressed, frustrated, and impatient and struggling to strike the right balance between work and personal.


You are stuck in the day-to-day transactional tasks and wish you had more time to work at a strategic level, but when you put time aside to, you are too fatigued and wish your mind was clearer so you could be more effective.


You don’t want to say no or complain about work stress as you worry it could hurt your chances for future opportunities.  But at the same time, you sometimes feel a sense of imposter syndrome, leading you to thinking you need more time in your current role before making your next career move, even if you aren’t sure what that is yet.


You spent a lot of time just navigating the internal dynamics and different personalities in the workplace, and although you look like you have it all together on the outside, there are days where it’s hard to keep it together and everything can feel overwhelming and out of control.


Although you feel grateful for everything you have, deep down you feel like there has to be more to life than this!

If this sounds all too familiar...

Its because you have been subconsciously operating under a set of rules that weren't designed for YOU!  

No-one creates success in the same way, because we are all unique.  It's time to create success in a way that works for you, so you can unapologetically step into the life you were born to live...

Are you ready to go on a transformational journey to regain your energy, balance, optimize your life and take back control of your future?

This journey is specifically designed to empower you to take control of your career, realize your full potential and live a life that is deeply fulfilling and purposeful

The Empowerment Blueprint will help you do that

The Empowerment Blueprint is a four-month one-to-one coaching journey that is tailored specifically to you to help you achieve more balance in your life...

Using my proven frameworks and modalities, we find out how your unique energy is designed to operate, identify your top priorities, remove anything stopping you or holding you back and get you focused on creating the results you truly desire.

Once we understand who you are and how you are uniquely designed to operate, we focus on balancing your goals, strategies and actions with your energy and capacity so you can move forward to design a life you love - one that creates success and freedom your way!

The Empowerment Blueprint Journey is designed to help you...

  • Develop a career map and plan that is aligned to your purpose, so you have clarity around where you are heading and feel more intentional and fulfilled in the work you are doing

  • Remove your most significant roadblocks so you can achieve your goals with more ease, freedom and fun

  • Feel less stress and guilt trying to juggle everything between work and home

  • Be clear on your priorities and know exactly what you need to do to achieve them

  • Have the courage to show up as yourself and follow what you know is correct for you

  • Feel confident speaking up and using your voice in a respectful way, without fearing any consequences

  • Get the tools to work through self-doubt and indecision any time it arises

  • Confidently know your value and worth, eliminating imposter syndrome for good

  • Finally release any lingering negative emotions, energy, or trauma from prior situations in your life that is still holding you back

  • Have deeper and more satisfying connections and relationships with others and with yourself

Step into the life you were uniquely designed to thrive in...

In my humble opinion, everyone needs a Kerrie! Working with Kerrie has made such an impact on my personal and professional life. She has changed the trajectory of my life - how I view things and the results in my business. Kerrie and I set goals of where I wanted to go and what beliefs were holding me back. Within a month, I was doing things that I had been procrastinating on for years! Specifically, we have worked on my fear of public speaking and a few months later I launched my own event and have since spoken in front of an audience of 1K plus. We worked on the root of my imposter syndrome and now I show up completely differently. People always comment on how different I am and ask what I have done.


Hi, I'm Kerrie

I am on a mission to empower results-oriented and driven women to take back control over their career and life by stepping into who they were born to be!  I know we all have so much more potential and are here to have a big impact on the world and we spend too much time keeping ourselves small.  I spent 25 years working my way up the corporate ladder.  Although I created a successful life from the outside, I found myself constantly stressed, feeling burnt out, had ongoing health challenges and I eventually started wondering why I was living my life this way. 


That is when I realized, I could actually choose to create a life I loved instead.  After embarking on my own transformational journey, then helping other women do the same, I now know that you can create success your way and without the sacrifice!  I am confident that I can help you unlock your full potential and create a life that aligns with your soul's purpose.

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